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Europe Needs a Plan B Now!

Miguel Urban Deputy of Podemos, and member of European Parliament Historically, myths have served to explain complex concepts or to put together embellished versions of reality. The European Union has been built on plenty of myths. One of them tells us that 60 years ago, Europe came up with a plan: European countries would come together […]

Declaration For a Democratic Rebellion in Europe

Madrid, 21st February 2016 Since the start of the global economic crisis, a new movement has arisen across the world. It is a movement for true democracy and participation, for the right of the people to decide for themselves and have their mandate respected and reflected in policy making, for the duty to confront a […]

Barcelona mayor joins Varoufakis in global initiative against EU austerity

Francisco Manetto, Susana Urra | ElPais.com They call it Plan B against austerity and for a democratic Europe,and describe it as “a call to build a European convergence space against austerity and for the construction of a real democracy.” This initiative is backed by hundreds of politicians, intellectuals and activists – from Greece’s ex-finance minister […]

The Left of the future: a sociology of emergences

Boaventura de Sousa Santos | zcomm.org The future of the left is no more difficult to predict than any other social fact. The best way to address it is by way of what I term the sociology of emergences, which consists in paying special attention to signs from the present that can be read as trends […]